Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Village Coffee - Forest City, NC

So, Doug and I had several hours to kill between lunch at Louie’s and the wedding, so we sought out a coffee shop. We found 1 (maybe the only one in Forest City) called Village Coffee.

Village Coffee is located at 247 Oak Street in Forest City, NC. It’s easy to miss if you aren’t looking for it. My GPS told us it was in a field about a block further down the road after all.

Anyway, the inside is spacious, but they don’t really have very much seating for customers. I guess with a city the size of Forest City (6963 people according to the 2009 census...it also apparently used to be called "Burnt Chimney"), they don’t need much. They do have a conference room available for usage though oddly enough. They also have a drive-thru which probably lessens the foot traffic in and out of the shop.

With Doug strutting his stuff to the loo

I liked the wall painting on the wall by the entrance.

I ordered a drink that was apparently named after a local band – sorry, I’ve forgotten the name by now! But something like "something hawks iced something er something". Anyway, it was pretty good.

They also offer some dessert items, like cheesecake and such. The staff here was very friendly and they didn’t yell at us for sitting in their lobby for 3 hours using their wi-fi to amuse ourselves. However, to be honest, we were the only ones in there except for 1 lady that I think was selling stuff that sat down for a bit.

Overall, it’s a nice little place to stop for a bit to have a coffee if you’re in the area, so stop in and check out Village Coffee if you’re passing through.

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