Friday, June 8, 2012

Coffee Tweet

So, Coffee Tweet...yes that is the name of this coffee shop, and no, it's not based on Twitter. However, it does have a bird theme. This is the only Coffee Tweet that I've ever seen, so I assume it's just a privately owned little coffee shop. The sign outside says the hours are 10am - 12pm (they of course mean midnight and not noon, though). However, I think the hours are different on Sunday because I've been here around 11 am or so and they haven't been open yet.
It's located on the same block as KFC but on the other side by Donglee Pie Shop and Calvin Klein. It's also across the street from A Twosome Place.
Another lovely Paint map

The prices on drinks here are typical of most coffee shops: 3000 won for an espresso - 5600 won for a cafe mocha. The difference being that they only offer one size here instead of a regular and a large. They also have a small dessert selection: maybe three or four items? A brownie, cheesecake, and a couple of other items. The prices on these are around 4000 won. They also have bagels and a pretzel. You can also get the elusive Arizona iced teas for around 3000 or 4000 won, I think. A decent selection of teas and blended drinks is also on the menu. A few set menus are also available.

The first time I came here, I ordered an iced mint mocha. The guy that runs the place was very friendly and offered to add more mint flavor for me if it wasn't strong enough, in English I might add. The mint was fine, though, however the coffee here seems to be a bit more bitter than at other places. My iced cafe mocha that I had today was also more bitter than other places.

The inside of Coffee Tweet isn't very big, but it's comfortable. One downside is it seems that voices carry too well and even with just a few people in the lobby, it seems like there is an army chattering in their high-pitched Korea.

The bird theme is very evident in the decor with a large bird cage on the wall directly across from the entrance and bird cages acting as light fixtures. There is also a row of birds on a shelf along the side wall.
Overall, it's a cozy little place, but I'm not sure how often I'll come here due to the noise level and slightly bitter coffee. The seemingly sporadic hours don't do it any favors either. However, it's a cute little place with a friendly guy behind the counter.

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