Saturday, June 9, 2012

Drive-Thru Bar-B-Que - Springfield, MO

Alrighty, I told the owners of this little place that I'd post a blog about their place to see if I could generate a couple more customers for them. They're a small drive-thru barbecue business in Springfield.

They're located on Sunshine Street near Hwy 65 in the parking lot where Price Cutter used to be. It's across from that ginormous church that used to be a nightclub almost to Plaza Street.
They have barbecue pork, chicken, and beef sandwiches on pita bread - I'm not sure about other bread types. You can get a lunch special for $5.99 that includes a sandwich, a side, and a drink - a pretty good deal if ya ask me.
I had the lunch special with a bbq chicken pita and the potato salad. The potato salad was quite good: not too mustardy and they mix some grated cheese in with it, too.

The bbq chicken pita was quite good. The sauce flavor was mild and not too overpowering or spicy. It was pretty messy, though, so ya might want to take some wet wipes with ya (granted, that could've just been be).
They recently added some picnic tables outside so you can sit and enjoy your quick lunch right there. The service is fast and friendly and it's not too expensive, so it makes for a nice, filling, quick lunch if you're in a hurry. They also have larger meals if you're in the mood to take some barbecue home to the family.

So stop in and help out a small, local business and have a delicious lunch while you're at it.

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