Saturday, June 23, 2012

Miss & Mr. Potato - Yeongtong

Potatoes. And lots of them. Finding good french fries can be a bit tough without going to a McDonald's or a Burger King, so finding a place that specializes in potatoes is quite a find. We have a place called Miss & Mr. Potato in Yeongtong behind the building where Plus Animal Clinic and Pizza Hut are located. Yup, it's map time.

They have the usual plastic food outside for you to gaze at before going inside.

Yes, the middle one on the far right says "Choco paz" in Korean, so that would be a chocolate sauce on them

When I stopped in, there wasn't anybody in the store except for the guy working. It was an odd hour though. The menu offerings consist of french fries with different toppings, baked potatoes, hot dogs, some sandwiches, paz (the potato chunks in bowls that you can get at truck stops), and some coffees and other drinks. Here are some pics of the full menu (if you right-click on an image and open it in a new tab, you can see it better).

The inside of the shop is small since it's a long and thin storefront, but there are a few places to sit and it seems pretty cozy.

I ordered the "special cheese potato" to go and waited for the potatoes to be cooked. It's a bonus that they are cooked fresh for each order. It took maybe 5 minutes at most so I amused myself with taking pictures of the place. I was soon on my way home with my little cup of potatoes in tow in a little plastic bag and looking forward to some cheesy potato goodness.

I was disappointed :(

Not by the potatoes themselves but by the cheese sauce. The cheese sauce used on them wasn't very good at all. There was also some seasoning on them that reminds me of seasoning salt. If I hadn't let my love of all things cheesy lead me astray, I would've just ordered some plain potatoes. Curse you cheese!!! *menacing fist shake* At any rate, the fries were fine by themselves. I haven't ordered anything else from here, so I'll have to stop in again and try something else. Except hot dogs. I don't eat hot dogs.

So if you're looking for a quick snack or just want some potatoes, stop in Miss & Mr. Potato and fall into the potato's temptation...their words not mine.

Yup. Those are some temptin' taters.

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