Sunday, March 20, 2011

Burger Blues

Up next is Burger Blues!

This isn’t located in Yeongtong, but it’s not too far away and has delicious handmade burgers. Burger Blues is located across from the Yeongtong Gu Office (영통구 청). To get there from Yeongtong, you can either take the 13-1 bus to the Yeongtong Gu Cheong stop, or take a taxi to the same location (say “Yeongtong Gu Cheong ka-juseyo” to the driver). With the Samsung complex behind you and the Yeongtong Gu office on your right side, walk to the first stop light and turn right – you’ll now be walking along the side of the Gu office. Two blocks down and across the street will be Burger Blues (a small wooden storefront). Here is the map on the back of their menu (with some landmarks to look out for pointed out):

They offer a nice variety of burgers and also have chicken strips as well. The side item prices are a bit steep, but are 1000 won cheaper now than what is shown on the menu. The interior of the restaurant is small, but they’ve put effort into the decorations. There are pictures of famous jazz and blues musicians on the wall and a drawing on the wall of a “blues band.” Here's a copy of the menu:

I’ve only tried the Blues Brother burger since the other ones have toppings I don’t really care for. The burger patty is thick and juicy but can be quite greasy when you eat in but not so much when you take out – I guess maybe the bun soaks it up between the restaurant and home? I’ll have to look for a picture of the burger later on my other computer…
The chicken strips are surprisingly good and lightly seasoned, but I of course still douse them with a healthy dose of black pepper…

The French fries are actually potato wedges, are lightly seasoned, and come with a garlic mayonnaise dipping sauce that is quite good. The chili fries are potato wedges with a chili to dip them in (for take out at least). The chili is really ketchupy tasting, and I wasn’t impressed with it.

They’re also one of the few places to get onion rings, but I’ve yet to fork over the dough to try them.

Overall, this is probably one of the better burger places that I’ve been to in Korea, and I would definitely recommend giving it a shot if you’re in the area.

Updated: 12/27/2012
Well, as places are wont to do in Korea, Burger Blues has closed. They apparently went bankrupt, which is very sad since they made great burgers.