Saturday, June 16, 2012

Plus Animal Clinic - Yeongtong

Having a pet in Korea can either be a huge pain or it can give you something to come home to from work if you live alone. Having a place nearby where you can get all the supplies you need for your pet can make owning one here a lot easier. Plus Animal Clinic in Yeongtong offers supplies for cats and dogs (and a few other animals, I think, too). They're also a vet clinic and have staff that speak English. Plus Animal Clinic is located across from Homeplus next to the Concierge Apple store. You can also spot it by the throng of people making faces at the cats in the window.

Another lovely map

I know that you can get supplies for dogs, fish, gerbils, etc. at Homeplus, Emart, and other department stores, but their cat supplies are sorely lacking. There are two other small animal stores in Yeongtong, but last time I checked, they didn't have any cat supplies. I believe this is because cats are only recently becoming household pets due to being considered bad luck historically.

So if you have a cat like I do, finding a place that has cat litter and more than one type of cat food is a huge bonus.

Random picture of my kitty, Bessie

So I definitely recommend Plus Animal Clinic for your pet needs. I haven't taken Bessie to the vet here yet, but I've heard good things about them. You can also get the paperwork taken care of for traveling internationally with your pet - you just need to take your pet in at least one month before the travel date.

Some people just stop in to look at the cats. I'm not sure if the cats that are always in there belong to people or the clinic or what, but there are always at least 5 or 6 running around. When I stopped in today to get some cat food, it must've been kitty nap time because about 8 cats were sleeping all over the place.

And I mean all over the shop

So if you have a pet and need schtuff - carriers, toys, food, treats, etc. - I recommend stopping in and seeing if they have whatcha need.

Gratuitous picture of Bessie


  1. At first I thought that Popeye cat was one of mine. lol

    Glad you have a good place to go for your kitty's needs (and demands).

    1. If one of your cats popped up in Korea, I'd be very surprised :)
      Yeah, it's a good place. And they usually give me a free toy or treat for Bessie when I stop in since I usually spend between $30 - $50 each time I go there.

    2. Do you know the phone number for this place?

    3. I believe it is 031-273-7562.
      I will double-check the next time I go by there, which will probably be this weekend.

  2. I live over by Suwon University in Hwaseong City, and I hope this place operates on Saturdays. My cat fell over 9 feet and needs someone to check him out.

    1. Oh no!! I hope the little guy is ok! They are open on Saturdays, yes. I believe a vet is there on the weekends, too: when I would go in to pick up cat food, there would be people waiting with animals.