Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Simple Shoe Saga Pt.1

So, my favorite pair of shoes has started to look pretty raggedy.

Sadly, Simple Shoes has stopped making shoes for the time being, so I can’t replace them. However, I was able to find 2 pairs of Simple Shoes in my size (gargantuan) on and ordered them before my vacation so I could pick them up when I went home. I could then retire my current pair to a life of watching out the window and enjoying their twilight years. But that wasn’t to be. I stupidly transposed two numbers in my brother’s PO box and they shoes were returned to Zappos. I called them and was able to get one pair shipped out again, but they wouldn’t arrive before I left home to come back to Korea.

But, I still decided to document what was supposed to be the last hurrah for my current pair of shoes.

And will continue to do so. Until I can retire them in October.

Relaxing before their big day at Silver Dollar City

Waiting for my brother to pick us up for the drive to SDC

Enjoying their break for lunch at the Mill

Enjoying some strawberry lemonade

Overlooking the bridge by the Lost River watching some fish

In the parking lot before leaving SDC

Kicking back in the car for the ride back to Springfield

Overall, I think they enjoyed their day out. I know they like being in America where the sidewalks and other walkways are cleaner.

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