Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Simple Shoe Saga Pt 3

It's been a while since the poor little guys had a post about them - they were starting to feel neglected.

It's been a bit rainy this summer at times, so they've been regulated to looking out the window and wishing they could go play.
If shoes could look sad, this would be it

There have been a few nice days where they've been able to be taken out to frolic, though.
In a shop here in Yeongtong

Taking a break while walking back home

At A Twosome Place after convincing me to go out even though it looked like rain

At A Twosome Place today

They're trying to convince me to take them to Las Vegas, but we shall see. They are still super comfortable, but I dunno. They don't get to go to the office anymore even though nobody can ever really see my shoes since I wear long jeans, but still. Don't want them to see people frowning at them - might get their feelings hurt.

They do know that the other pair of Simple shoes aren't as comfortable and my new pair of Simple shoes is at my brother's house. They also know they can't be replaced *sigh*. Shoes can be so manipulative ;)

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