Friday, September 21, 2012

Burger B - Hongdae, Seoul

So, I spent last Saturday in Hongdae with a few friends wandering around a little bit and checking out the craft fair they have on weekends. For lunch, we ended up going to a burger place called Burger B. Hongdae can be a bit confusing, but I'll try to make a map: unfortunately, I'm on my netbook right now, so it'll be drawn in Paint. If you put the entrance to the university on your left and walk about 2 blocks down the street (go past Condomania and the Caffe Bene), Burger B will be on a side street on the right side. You can see it from the main road, so just glance down the side streets.
o_O I'll make a better one later...

The inside of the restaurant is fairly spacious with large booths available. There is also a patio out back with 4 or 5 tables, which is where we sat since it was such a lovely fall day. I had a good laugh at the women's restroom - I didn't get a picture of it, but let's just say they believe in the buddy system at Burger B.

Pricing is fairly typical for any non-Korean food restaurant, so you can expect to spend about 15000 won per person for a meal here.

The menu is fairly diverse for a burger place. They have several different kinds of burgers available. They don't come with fries or anything - they have one set that does, though.

They also offer some other sandwiches and side dishes.
Yes, that says "Gastro Pack"

They have the typical choices for drinks: soda, beer, ades. They also have a few different flavors of milkshakes. I ordered a peanut butter milkshake; Justin ordered a chocolate milkshake. The peanut butter flavor was distinct while not being overpowering. There were also some small peanut pieces in the shake.
And they were delicious

I ordered the gorgonzola burger. It was really quite good. My only complaint is that Korea tends to serve burgers medium-well, and I prefer my meat well-done. So, keep that in mind if you go here: you may need to ask for your beef to be well-done. Some places (like Mr. Big) will argue with you that the meat won't taste as good, but hey, you're the one eating the stuff.
Gorgonzola burger

I was so intent on enjoying my milkshake that I forgot to take pictures of my friends' food. :( However, Justin had the pulled pork sandwich and some chili fries, Denise had the shrimp burger, and Marianne had the gorgonzola burger, too. Everyone thought their food was quite good. We also ordered some mac & cheese to share. I believe the consensus was "oh my god" on the mac & cheese.
It was good

Overall, I think I would eat here again. The milkshake and mac & cheese were both really very good. I would've enjoyed my burger more if it had been well-done, but oh well. So, if you're in the Hongdae area and looking for a new place to get your grub on, give Burger B a shot.

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