Friday, February 3, 2012

Thai Peppers

Oi, it's been a while: my bad. Life has been kind of busy the past couple of months and then I was back in the US for bit at the end of January. So let's start off the year with a blog about one of my favorite places to eat in Springfield, MO: Thai Peppers.

Thai Peppers is, obviously, a Thai place located on Sunshine street across from Kaleidoscope on the corner of Sunshine and Fremont.

The interior is cozy and the staff are friendly. You can often be entertained by a little boy named Anthony running around the place (a good Italian name for a little Thai boy :D ).

I really like the food here a lot, and yes, I often order the same thing each time: the gaprow chicken. This is minced chicken in a delicious sauce with some peppers. There is enough on the plate for two people or two meals if you take it home. Rice will come separately in a large bowl to share.

Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of these next two dishes, but my brother and Doug said they were really good.

One of my favorite appetizers is the spring rolls. The rolls themselves are quite good, but the turnip sauce that comes with them is absolutely wonderful. This is the sampler appetizer with tofu triangles, spring rolls, chicken and beef skewers, and something else that I can't remember right off hand.

The meat skewers come with a little burner that you "cook" them over (heat up really).

I haven't really had any bad dishes here, but sometimes the leaves (sorry, the type escapes me at the moment) can be overpowering in the dishes and I have to take them out.

This is one place that I pretty much have to eat at at least once when I go home. The prices aren't too bad either considering the amount of food you get: I believe most dishes run around $7 or $8.

So if you're in the Springfield area, definitely swing by Thai Peppers and give it a try!

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