Friday, July 6, 2012

Yeongtong - My Neighborhood

It dawned on me as I was leaving my apartment this morning that I've never really shown much of the part of Suwon that I live in. In light of that, this post will mostly just be a few pictures of my neighborhood and such. Yeongtong-Gu is one of the districts of Suwon City. Suwon has a population of about 1 million people, and Yeogntong-Gu of about 260,000 people with a few thousand of those being foreigners. From what I understand, this area was established in 2003 to be kind of a "mini-Seoul" where people that worked in Seoul but didn't want to live there could live and have quick and easy access to the city. Samsung Digital City is near here and a good chunk of the foreign employees there live here, myself included.
The view from my apartment at night

They've resurfaced and re-landscaped the walkways around my apartment complex.

Some stairs in my complex

The park in my complex and my building

A small Buddhist temple next to my apartment

They're adding a subway stop in Yeongtong to connect Yeongtong to Bundang

This is the largest tree I've ever seen in Korea, and it's located at the end of my apartment block. Love it.

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  1. You said, it was the biggest tree you had seen'. There are huge trees down the bottom of the penisula and around Pohumg region. I always wondered what Yeongtong-gu area looked like. Now having some idea, much thanks.