Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Droptop Cafe

Alrighty, I've been meaning to check this place out since it opened a few months, and I'm finally getting around to it: Cafe Droptop. Cafe Droptop is a new coffee shop in Yeongtong - it opened up a few months ago between Cafe Pascucci and ABC Mart, and right behind the Yeongtong Park bus stop (by the foot bridge by Homeplus). It's hours of operation are the same as Cafe Pascucci's: M-F: 7am - 2am; Sa, Su, Holidays: 8am - 2am (ooohhhh, competition, girlfriend!!). I'm off work today for the elections, so I might as well do something semi-productive with my day :)

And here's another of my lovely maps:

outside view of the shop from inside the building

One of the very first things I noticed about this cafe when it opened was the door handles:

I just thought the 'D' forming the handles was unique and liked it.

Every time I've been by this place, they haven't been busy at all. I don't know if I just walk by during non-peak times or what - it might pick up in the evenings. Despite it being empty in here right now, just me and one other girl, I can't hear myself think even with my iPod on. The music in here is up too loud, like in most coffee shops in Korea, which is completely un-necessary in my opinion. Why do people go to coffee shops? To visit with a friend or to study are the most common reasons, yet they feel the need to have the music soooo freaking loud that you have to shout to talk to your companion or put in ear plugs to do any work. *sigh* I digress.

They offer free Wi-Fi (after you enter the password posted by the register) and also have power outlets under the booth seats. The young man working today was very friendly and started to bring my tray out to me in the lobby, but I was already standing near the pick-up area, so he just handed it off to me. He's also the only employee here as far as I can tell, so this must be their slow time of day (I got here about 10:30 am).

I like the interior design, and they have a separate smoking room for their smoking customers. The counter says "modern" on it near the Droptop logo, so I think they're striving for a clean, modern look in the interior design. The white ceiling and back wall give a clean, open look while the pipes kind of add a unique industrial feel to the place. This used to be a hair salon, so I'm not sure if having the piping exposed is purposeful or not - this is the only Cafe Droptop I've ever seen in Korea.

the back wall

view of the interior from my seat in the corner

interior from another angle

As far as drink offerings and prices, they're pretty typical of Korean coffee shops. Prices range from 3000 won for an Americano to 5600 won for a cafe mocha. They also offer a selection of teas and hot chocolate drinks. For food, they have sandwiches, breads, "cheese balls," and some desserts. Prices on these are between 3500 won and 6000 won mostly. I'm hesitant to try any of the breads since they tend to be sweet in Korea, even if they're a cheese bread or garlic bread of some sort.

display case

They also offer sets for desserts w/ coffees and sandwiches with coffees.
sandwich specials

They also seem to have a daily special during the week. Today's Wednesday, so the special is a macaroon brownie and 2 cups of Americano coffee for 9000 won.

So what did I try on my first venture to Cafe Droptop? Well, I saw the Oreo brownie and it was all over (I hadn't eaten yet today, so it looked especially delicious).
Oreo brownie or sin on a plate

It looks like it would be super sweet or rich, but it's not. It's really no sweeter than a regular brownie. And it has crumbled up bits of real Oreo on top - not the Korean Oreo-wannabes.
And for my drink I got a cafe mocha with no whip cream.
cafe mocha w/ "no whipping"

Overall, I think this coffee shop is pretty nice. I'll have to check out their oven chicken breast sometime and post it along with some other drinks.

Update June 2nd
I recently decided to stop in for a pretzel for a snack at Droptop, and I will not be doing that ever again.
That orange....stuff on the left is the cheese. It was pretty gross. The pretzel on the right was a pepperoni pretzel. The pretzel was barely lukewarm. So yeah, I don't really recommend the pretzels here, but the desserts are decent.


  1. Hey, I am not sure how I can message you except by a comment. This is unrelated to Droptop, so I'll pause to say - what's with the cream cheese in those pretzels?

    Now then... I want to commission you to find a good place to get Dak Galbi in YT. Can it be done?

    1. Hiya,

      You're welcome to email me at if you want.
      Yeah, I don't know about the pretzels at Droptop - not very good, as I'm getting ready to update shortly.
      I'm in the US right now for a short vacation, but when I get back, I will look for a dak galbi place. Oh, it also dawned on me that you probably meant the Pizza & Pasta place under Rok n Wok in front of Samsung. The pizza and pasta place is called Nilli's and we also have one in Yeongtong (

  2. Thank you tank you thank you for your blog!!! I've been in Yeoungtong for two months and just found your blog! Life-saverrrrr

    1. Hey, thanks for finding my blog!! If one person finds it useful, then it's worth doing. Thanks a bunch for the message!