Friday, February 18, 2011

Imsil Cheese Pizza

As noted earlier this week, icky weather and poopy internet connections have kept me from blogging lately – sorry! So, today I’ll be posting a couple of different places to make up for the absence.

First on the list is Imsil Cheese Pizza. This is a pizza chain that tends to be operated as kind of a mom & pop pizza shop.

Depending on the size, toppings, and crust selection, the price will range from about 9900 won – 14000 won. I tend to go for simple when I order pizza in Korea – pepperoni & black olive or just pepperoni. I just find it easier to order if I’m ordering delivery, and there are very rarely any surprise toppings making guest appearances (you know I’m talking about you, Mr. Corn!!). It’s not that I dislike corn on my pizza, I just like to have what I ordered, and only what I ordered, on my pizza.

Anyway, back to Imsil Cheese Pizza. The cheese crust pizza is only slightly more expensive that the regular crust and is quite good. They also put the toppings under the cheese so they don’t get burnt. When I was a kid back in Missouri, my sister would always ask Pizza Hut to put the pepperoni under the cheese so it wouldn’t get burnt in the pizza oven, and I’ve found over the years that this tends to work out better for most pizzas. Imsil Cheese also doesn’t overdo it on the sauce so you don’t have sauce dripping down your hand while trying to eat it. You do also get the pizza side item staple – the cup of sweet pickles and a little pack of hot sauce.

The little couple that runs the place is very friendly and the pizzas only take 10 to 15 minutes. They also offer delivery in the Yeongtong area. The store is very tiny and only has one small table for customers waiting on pizza. For a quick pick-up as take out on the way home or delivery, I definitely prefer this place over Pizza Hut. It's located kind of catty-cornered from Samsung Digital Plaza at one of the main intersections in Yeongtong right next to the 300 block of apartments. I'll be posting a map soon to make things easier to find!!

My favorite: pepperoni w/ cheese crust


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