Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Donglee Pie

So....It's been a bit. Sorry, just been distracted and busy with other things. Today I'll talk about a pie place in Yeongtong called Donglee Pie. Now, it only has variations of walnut pies, so if you don't like walnuts or are allergic to them (like my brother), ya might want to stay away. However, they also offer a small selection of coffee and tea at very reasonable prices (around 2500 won if I remember correctly), so you can always sit with a friend that wants pie and have cup of coffee or tea. I was excited to see this place because it's nearly impossible to find pie in Korea (Tartine in Itaewon is the only other pie shop that I've found). You can find cake on every corner but not pie. So even if Donglee only has walnut pies, I'll take it!

Donglee Pie is located on the ground floor by the Yeongtong Kinex and across the street from A Twosome Place.
Mmmm, pie

I'm not sure of their hours, but they aren't open before 9am (I've been in at 11am and 8pm before). The pies will range in price from 14000 won - 24000 won. They also sell walnut chocolates and cookies.

This is the mini pie set with four different pie types. I picked this up for Christmas at a friend's place. This pie set costs 24000 won.

This one is the choco walnut pie. I liked this one. It has a light chocolate flavor from the chips and the crust is good. The crust isn't too hard yet provides stability to the pie so you can pick up a piece with your hands to eat it.

This one is the pumpkin walnut pie. I also liked this one. I'm not a fan of pumpkin pie, but found this one to be quite good.

This one is the blueberry walnut pie. I don't like blueberries that much, so I didn't try it - plus I was kind of full from dinner.

This one is the cranberry walnut pie. Again, I was full from dinner, so I didn't try this one, but it looked good.

Since I enjoyed the mini pies so much, I decided to pick up some pies for my team at work to enjoy for the new year. So I picked up two pies and some chocolates. The pies were 20000 won each the box chocolates was 6000 won for 10 pieces. For my 46000 won purchase, the couple running the store for the evening (owners, maybe) gave me a cookie and a piece of chocolate for free, lol.

This is the "combi" pie. It's a combination of blueberry walnut, pumpkin walnut, and plain walnut.

This one is the pumpkin walnut pie.

The chocolates come in a cute little house ^^. And they have *gasp* walnuts in them! I tried the sample they gave me and loved it! The chocolate is very smooth and just melts in your mouth. I would definitely recommend their walnut chocolates to anyone.

This is a walnut cookie. I wasn't a fan of the cookie :( . To me, the cookie part of it tastes like an oatmeal raisin cookie, which I don't care for. But, the cookie was soft and moist. If it didn't taste like oatmeal raisin batter, I would've loved it.

So, I think overall, Donglee Pie is a nice little shop with fairly reasonably priced pies (as far as I can tell, they make them fresh each day). And they taste good :) So if you're looking for a pie in Yeongtong, swing by and share a mini pie with a friend or have it for yourself ^^

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