Saturday, February 4, 2012

Wang Thai

From a Thai place in Springfield, MO to a Thai place in Itaewon in Seoul, S. Korea: Wang Thai.
Wang Thai is located in Itaewon above What the Book? The building is located on the same side of the street as the Hamilton Hotel next to the big Burger King. If you have Hamilton Hotel on your right-hand side, walk down the street about 5 minutes and keep an eye looking up for What the Book? - Wang Thai can be hard to spot otherwise. There are also helpful people in red jackets around the area to help you find places as well if you have a hard time spotting it.

The staff are friendly and attentive here and the inside of the restaurant is very nice: lots of plants and statues. If you have a large party, they have a room in the back that is sort of separate. The bathrooms seems to have perpetually cold water, but they are clean and well stocked.

I've tried a few different dishes here and they have all been really good. The lunch specials are reasonably priced and are the best things to get in my opinion. If I remember correctly, which is iffy, they are about 12000 won for the lunch specials and you get a main dish, a drink, dessert, and something else (usually a mini-appetizer). Also, a friend that I often go with is vegetarian and they have no problem substituting a vegetarian dish for one of the meat/seafood dishes in a lunch set for her (if you've been in Korea for any length of time, you know what a pain getting something subbed can be).

The spring rolls here are as good as Thai Peppers, and the Thai iced tea is delicious as well (they also have this at Thai Peppers in Springfield). I usually get the lunch set that comes with spring rolls and a chicken dish.

Spring rolls

One of the soups in a lunch set

A chicken dish

Sideways Thai iced tea

A radish rose

Marianne and Denise


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